Rediscovering Google Chrome

July 24th, 2011 Comments Off

A funny side effect of being active on Google plus is it made me a heavy Google Chrome user.

Make no mistake. I’m a Google fanboy. Period. I started using Google Chrome on the very first day it was released (that must be years ago). And although I was very impressed with the clean interface and the fast start up time (Firefox, before version 4 was infamous of its long start up time) initially, I never made Chrome my daily browser, primarily because I couldn’t live without Tree Style Tab and Firebug. And in the early days, we didn’t even have AdBlock on Chrome.

Thanks to the lack of Google Apps account support, running multiple browsers became a necessity to be on Google Plus (it’s really no fun in logging in and out different accounts on the same browser). So I fired up Chrome (I always had both Chrome Beta and Chrome Canary installed on my laptop, but they were there just because I occasionally needed to fix Chrome-specific JS / CSS bugs), and decided to force myself to use it without resorting to Firefox.

And what can I say about Google Chrome today? It’s pure awesome. The new multi-profile (available on Beta and Dev channels) makes switching accounts a breeze. I don’t need a Tree Style Tab equivalent on Chrome, because if you need it just to have many tabs open, you probably are using the web wrong!

Download (Canary channel).

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